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Corporate Philosophy

 Corporate Philosophy

・We think that we have always high resolution and sense of mission and have to play a clear role to the society.
・We get reliance and sympathy from customers by grasping customers’ needs correctly, providing suitable information and the highest service for them, and coping with the inquiry from them quickly and sincerely.
・We observe laws and regulations and a contract, and conduct fair and clear dealings to all customers.

Access Japan, Co., LTD intends to move forwards to a company which is trusted by the international society by firmly maintaining corporate governance and compliance.

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Access Japan Co., LTD.
English Corporate Name: ACCESS JAPAN CO., LTD.
Headquarters Postal Code: 282-0004
154-4, Furugome Aza Kome-mae, Narita-shi, Chiba-ken  1st Feight Agency Building 202-A(Inside Narita Airport)
TEL:0476-32-6860 FAX:0476-32-6861
Tokyo office Postal Code:102-0082
3-3, Ichiban-cho Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Racine Ichiban-cho Bldg. 4F
Tokyo office
TEL:+81-3-6261-7531 FAX:+81-50-3606-1432
Foundation of Corporate October, Heisei 14 (October, 2002)
Capital ¥10,000,000
Representative Representative Director: Jiro Yamamoto
Business Activities ・Export-and-import Customs Clearance Business, and Its Related Business (flowers, fresh foodstuff, meat, pets, and general cargos at large )
・Freight Handling Business
・Mixed-loading Business
・Freight Packing Business
・Vicarious Application of Various Documents
Handling Cargo ・Perishable Foodstuff (marine products, livestock products, and agricultural products)
・Frozen Food, Processed food, Wine
・Vegetables and Fruits(Asparagus, Mango. Water Shield, Etc.)
・Cut Flowers(roses, carnations, orchids, eustomas, hypericums, gerberas etc.)
・General Cargo (machines and parts), Clothing, Jewelry, Musical Instruments (pianos, contrabasses), Vehicles (Lamborghini)
Main Bank ・Keiyo Bank
・Chiba Bank
・Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
・Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
(Order of Japanese Syllabary)
Affiliated Business Corporation ・Customs Broker of Airport and Port in Every Place
・Customs Forwarder
・Shipping Companies
・Overseas Customs Forwarders
Customers ・Toyosu Market Major Fisheries
・Toyosu Market Major Agricultural Handling Companies
・Major Fisheries around Tsukiji
・Hokkaido Sapporo Major Fishery
・Kanagawa-ken Agricultural Handling Company
・ Chiba-ken Vegetables-and-fruits Handling Company
・General Trading Company (food section)
・Biotechnology Parts Manufacturer
・Jewelry and Precious-metals Manufacturing-and-selling Company
・Major Construction Equipment Manufacturer
・Fiber and Clothing Trading Company
・Tottori University, Hokkaido University, Toyama University, Yokohama Municipal University, Tohoku University, Okayama University


October, Heisei 14 (October, 2002) Foundation of Access Japan Limited Company
November, Heisei 19 (November, 2007) The trade name was changed to Access Japan Co., LTD.
September, Heisei 22 (September, 2010) Acquisition of Customs Clearance Business Permission

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Tokyo office