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Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is information about an individual and means the one which can identify specific individuals, such as a name, a birth date, sex, a telephone number, an e-mail address, an occupation, an office, etc.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Our company collects, and uses personal information only within the limits of it for the following purposes. When collection and use of the personal information by our company are based on a customer’s voluntary offer and the customer has provided the personal information, it is assumed that he should permit that our company uses personal information in conformity with this plan.

  • Opinion collection for the inquiry from our company which is needed on performing a task, a check, and the improvement in a service
  • Various Kinds of Inquiry Handling

Third Party Offer of Personal Information

Our company does not disclose and offer personal information to a third party, without obtaining the consent of the person himself/herself in advance, unless it is based on justification, when based on laws and regulations.

Supervision of Consignee

Our company may offer a part of personal information to an external consignee on performing a task of providing goods and a service to a customer. In that case, we manage so that an outsourcing party may deal with personal information appropriately.

Management of Personal Information

In order to prevent disclosure of personal information, loss, defamation, etc., our company places a private-information-protection person in charge and strives for sufficient safe protection, and moreover, we perform the safe management of the personal information which has been provided by a customer so that we should keep the customer information correct and updated.

Inquiry, Correction, or Deletion of Contents of Information

When a customer wishes for the inquiry, correction, or deletion of personal information which has been submitted to us, the company will cope with the situation rapidly within the reasonable limits after we have confirmed that he/she is the person himself/herself.

About Security

Our company enciphers the communication at the time of a customer’s information being transmitted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encoding technology.